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Labi Siffre vs. Dr. Dre

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Let Grimes Date Elon Musk in Peace

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December 14: Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen

December 7: Shades

Vera Sola

November 30: Some Rap Songs

Earl Sweatshirt

November 30: The Pains of Growing

Alessia Cara

This Week in Music History

1980 | December 14

Yoko Ono called for a 10-minute silent vigil around the world for John Lennon, her husband, who was shot to death six days earlier.

1892 | December 18

Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" publicly premiered in St. Petersburg, Russia.

1969 | December 21

Diana Ross gave her last television performance as a member of the Supremes on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Song of the Week

DUCKWRTH is an eccentric Los Angeles-based rapper and singer who grew up in South Central LA with an eclectic aesthetic and new-found acclaim from his 2017 mixtape An Xtra Uugly Mixtape. The song featured here, "MICHUUL", from his mixtape, is a dance track with a clear house-influence, reminiscent of Canadian artist Kaytranada's grooves with the distinct knocking, bouncy, atmospheric sound. DUCKWRTH rapidly counts off his aspirations to "shine like Michael" and get an "art school chick" smoothly as he dances and galavants in an open field. The song is a pastiche of past influences, but fuses those sounds and takes it into a direction of his own.

Featured Album Release

Although I admit that I haven't been following Lupe much after Food & Liquor II, my love for him has not waned. Food & Liquor and The Cool were two excellent albums for an up-and-coming artist in hip-hop, and were a huge part of my adolescence. Now that DROGAS Waves is released, I look forward to examining the path he plans to take his music in. Lupe is very cerebral and conceptual with his work, and at times controversial with his public declarations, but we cannot deny his success and his talent.

About 'The Soulful NonProphet'

This website is not:

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I'm a highly opinionated historian who enjoys the more artistic things in life. I admire all forms of art, but music, to me, has the most impact. I'm not here to preach, but to facilitate and guide one's knowledge of music.

I'm not satisfied with just enjoying a song; I want to know where it came from. 'Why did the artist choose these words with this melody and this rhythm with these sounds?' Much of the popular music today is sampled or developed out of previous time periods, specifically the 1970s. Hip-Hop's greatest artists and songs borrow from the era. The post punk revival of the early 2000s further provides evidence for my point. Not only do I enjoy listening to music and sharing what I like, I enjoy analyzing it. This website is my outlet.

In the real world, I teach history and I study web development, and in my everyday life I do much of the things I enjoy. This includes listening to music and writing (hence the website), reading non-fiction books, watching movies, dancing, practicing yoga and meditation, eating, and of course enjoying the company of great people.