Drake, Please Let Us Miss You | The Soulful NonProphet

Miscellaneous Rant

Drake with sunglasses


Initially, I couldn’t tell if Drake is a great rapper because of his catalog or because he is always releasing music and just occupies the most space in the music world. With his latest release, Scorpion, I’m inclined to believe the latter. The long, drawn out LP is a grandiose response to all the chatter about Drake over the past few years from rap beefs to ghost writers. Cornflake Papi continues to be featured on songs and release hit after hit, despite the lackluster album offerings in the past few years.

Thanks to Billboard’s streaming-based rankings, of course Aubrey would take the top spot, as his fan base is dedicated to leaving his album on replay on their phones and computers while they go to work or do something more productive with their time. Or maybe people really are glued to their phones and computers actively listening to Drake’s music, taking in every beat and lyric multiple times, all day long. All I know is that I’m fatigued by Aubrey. While he delivers some bops that I enjoy, bombarding us with all these disjointed tracks where he manifests different rappers’ styles while stunting his own, comes off as though he is nonchalant about his music and developing his own style. It’s a goulash, baby. And I’m Upset...a little bit.

Honestly, I think Drake should take some time off and care for his child. Be present; don’t believe that just because you send money to them, the child will be okay. Time, attention, and support in the baby’s earliest years are just as important as purchasing pacifiers, bottles, or a crib. Then he can reflect and gain a new perspective and grow as a person and artist. When that happens, we can finally hear Drake take a new, authentic direction, which will show that he wants to deliver his best, not these narcissistic spatterings currently uploaded to every major music platform.

I know that some stans are extremely defensive of Drake and are afraid to critique him, but that’s not doing him any favors. I really despise this culture where constructive criticism is seen as "being negative" and "being a hater." It isn't if it is valid and sound critique. Nevertheless, I’m not saying that Drake should be swayed by every whim or suggestion from his fans, but if there’s something that could benefit you and your music, why not consider it? Maybe if he has something to lose--his fanbase or money--then that could push him to put more effort into his work.

However, most people don’t really know what they want to hear and have no real control over what’s played on the radio. In fact, the music cycle pushes and promotes Drake 24/7. Every other song on the radio, I hear Aubrey singing/rapping about people resenting him and his success. I think the only thing they resent is that they can’t get any airplay and promotion because your mediocre music is clogging up the airwaves. It’s not because they’re threatened by your inconsistent flow. I think Drake is afraid that if he steps away, he will be forgotten, as there are so many rappers out there who could take his place, since the industry likes to dispose of artists quickly. He is obviously concerned with this as he half-sings, "I don't wanna die for them to miss me." Well, step away for a second and see what happens. Absence always makes the heart grow fonder. Then he'll know if the love is real or manufactured.