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Miscellaneous Rant

Fyre Festival


Let's be completely honest here: There's no way that you will be able to comfortably see more than 5-7 of the 50 acts Coachella made you shell out 300 bucks for. So why do we all still go? It's unbearably hot, the concessions are overpriced, not to mention that the chance of a human stampede is highly probable.

We go to music festivals because of this false belief that we're getting a great deal. I can't even count how many times I've been told, "you get to see several bands for $300." Yes, but at what cost? As a hypothetical festival goer, I would have to be exposed to the elements and drunk, hardcore drug-taking individuals who go past what they can handle. I also can't shower and have to subject myself to the horror that is the port-a-potty, a.k.a, the bodily fluid tank.

At this point in my life I've been to several concerts to see one or a few bands or solo acts and I have yet to have one bad experience. No one harrassed me or pushed me. When I went to Afropunk, as much as I enjoyed myself as an attendee to the annual Brooklyn-based music festival, the usual problems arose. It was unbearably hot, I was dehydrated, the food was overpriced and small as fuck, I didn't get to see every band due to off-scheduled performances, I had drunk people pushing me even though I minded my own damn business. Despite the bullshit, the highlight of it all was seeing Skin, the lead singer of Skunk Anansie, perform "Weak" as I held my sister's hand up. It was a wonderful experience. I felt like I was at a less bigoted, more enjoyable church.

Overall, I don't think that music festivals are entirely bad. They can have these spiritual moments where you feel connected to the world through music. Nevertheless, they need to be reimagined and revamped to be a more comfortable and stress-free experience. Water refill stations are only fair. Proper restroom access for emergencies is only fair. I'm not saying that music festivals should go away, I'm just saying that they should be re-evaluated to benefit consumers, not maximize profit at the expense of human comfort or safety. I would definitely line up to go if those changes are made.